CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John McCarthy jmc at
Sat Jun 28 15:27:34 EST 1997

"Chris Brooking" <chris.brooking at> writes:

 >John McCarthy <jmc at> said:.
 >-> Bruce Koerner includes the sweeping statement
 >->      Remember, economic interests (such as corporations) will not
 >->      address ANY problem, no matter how severe, until it impacts
 >->      the bottom line.
 >-> Can he offer evidence, not just renewed expressions of prejudice
 >-> that this isn't an enormous exaggeration.
 >Take a look at the tobacco industry. What have they ever done without
 >threats of lawsuits or regulation.

"Take a look at" is another cover for lack of evidence.  In this case,
there is also the fallacy of generalizing from "the tobacco industry",
assuming he had successfully appealed to our prejudice against it, to
"economic interests" in general.

Actually, I can remember the tobacco industry doing something without
lawsuits.  A long time ago (50 years?), they modified cigarettes to
reduce the probability that an abandoned cigarette would cause a fire.
This was before lawsuits became so popular.

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