CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

John Alway jalway at
Sat Jun 28 12:50:31 EST 1997

Mark Obrembalski <markobr at> wrote:
>John Alway wrote:

>[Global warming doesn't exist or is no problem]

>> >Data please?
>>           Sure, check this link out ...

>1. The page where you found that is not a page of a scientific organisation 

	  The page I site is a reference to a scientists who
	studies the subject and heads up a department 
	at Arizona State University.

>> CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy group dedicated to free > markets and >limited government. 

>Therefore it surely isn't neutral. OK, that's no strong argument against its 
>content. But

>2. On Prof Robert C. Balling's webpage on the Arizona State University you 
>can see who is the sponsor of his "global warming" releated research - the 
>"Gesamtverband des Deutschen Steinkohlenbergbaus" (assosiacion of the German 
>pit coal mining industry). This means he is paid by peoble who have a strong 
>interest in results showing that global warming is no problem.

	  Oh well, I more trust them than I do gov't funded science.
	But, the real check is to look at the facts and reasoning
	of the people doing the science.  I've yet to find a reason
	not to believe in Ballings honesty, nor competency.

> >Where did you get these facts?
>>           From scientists.

>From _one_ scientist paid by the coal mining industry.

	  From satellite data.  And I know of more than _one_ 
	scientist making the claim, even though Ballings word 
	would have a great deal of weight with me.

>>           I'm not pretending.  The temperature record simply shows
>>         no problem.  I've seen the graphs many times, and I've listened
>>         to and read talks by the best in the field (Lindzen of MIT,
>>         Patrick Michaels of The University of Virginia, et. al.)

>Even those people don't say there is no problem, only that further research 
>was necessary to find out if there's a problem. BTW at least Lindzen also is 
>funded by the coal and fuel industry. 

	  Lindzen has irrefragable credentials as a top notch,
	honest scientist.

>>           Ever heard of the attacks on nuclear power?

>Ever heared of Chernobyl? Ever heared of Three Miles Island? Ever heared of 
>the Irish Sea?

	    The Irish Sea I hadn't heard of, but Chernboyl and
	Three Mile Island I know quite a bit about.  One could
	hardly make an objective case against nuclear power by
	analyzing those cases.  Chernobyl is the result of
	running the plant way, way beyond what it could handle,
	and then, as some sort of a test, they shut down the
	coolant for a long time (a week or so if I recall).  
	They put in high density fuel as well.  Three Mile island 
	proved that even complete incompetence in the running of 
	safely designed, huge nuclear power plant doesn't cost 
	lives.  Try that with a hydro dam of similar power output.

	  The nuclear industry is the safest power industry going.
	And with newer plant designs safety will be much, much
	better than it alread is. 

	  Those who are villifying nuclear power are probably costing 
	thousands of, or more, lives annually.


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