CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Todd M. Bolton tmbolton at
Sun Jun 29 12:15:37 EST 1997

John Alway wrote:
> Todd M. Bolton wrote:
> >John Alway wrote:
>         [...]
> >Please provide your information showing the fraudulant science regarding
> >the toxicity of DDT.
>            See Dixy Lee Ray's Trashing The Planet, which gives an
>         excellent description of bird populations during DDT spraying.
>         As we know, it was claimed there was a "Silent Spring", which
>         is absolutely contradicted by the facts.  Or, if you have a
>         problem with Dixy Lee Ray, try the book "Rational Readings
>         on Environmental Concerns", edit by Jay Lehr, which has a
>         couple of papers, on DDT,  by scientists in the field.
> >Also please demonstrate how rights are infringed by the Clean Water Act,
> >and while you are at it you may as well explain the fraud regarding that
> >piece of protection legislation.
>           I can't answer that, since I thought you were referring
>         to generic environmental law, not a specific law.  However,
>         if waterways were owned, then there would be incentives
>         for owners to keep their water clean, and not get their
>         neighbor's water dirty, which would be a violation of
>         their neighbor's rights.   The idea of water rights has
>         been done, in fact, there's a river in Scotland to
>         which this sort of approach is applied with great success.
>         ...John

Dixie Ray never impressed me. If I have time I'll look up the others.

What is "generic" environmental laws  CWA covers all waters of the US, bit hard 
to get a more general than that.

I own the land to the middle of the stream that abuts my property.  Does that 
mean I can sue companies upstream who are introducing silt and toxics into the 
water which are then deposited on my part of the stream bed?  Or can I sue for 
damages to the fishery value lost from the water made uninhabitable by the 
pollutants?  How do you own the air, as covered in the Clean Air Act?  Water 
rights laws are well developed, see a history of the west.  Can LA or Las Vegas 
sue people or companies who introduce, or cause the introduction of, pollutants 
into the Colorado River?

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