General remarks

LoopyLyn loopylyn at
Sun Jun 29 17:16:54 EST 1997

I have read with interest the last hundred or so postings to this board
and have some questions / comments on a few topics.

First, concerning the suggestion to burn or bury newspapers; would the ink
cause any pollution issues?   Seems like it would with either method.  

As a life long resident of North Florida I must say there are aesthetic
advantages to planted  forests.  I've spent many pleasant hours in the
pine forests, observing wildlife such as whitetail deer, armadillo,
raccoons, bunnies, eagles, osprey, snakes, etc...our natural woods are
also great, but walking through them can be hard work here, due to the
abundance of undergrowth.  Just a comment, not an argument for or against.

Aren't we supposed to be moving rapidly toward a paperless environment

Concerning asbestos...I think the group has pretty well made the counter
point that the Challenger explosion was not caused by any asbestos ban.  I
believe the original author's primary point was missed however;  my
interpretation of his message is that an o ring with asbestos may not have
malfunctioned...has anyone officially stated that one with asbestos would
also have malfunctioned under the same circumstances?

To start another related discussion (but probably off topic for this
bboard)...I recall reading years ago that asbestos lined gas tanks could
prevent explosions in crashed cars, but that the car industry didn't want
to spend the extra $50 per car it would take to do it.  Does anyone else
recall or have any info about this?

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