CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

steven michael rummel rummel at
Sun Jun 29 15:43:58 EST 1997

On 27 Jun 1997, Hugh Davies wrote:

> In article <33B059EE.7C9D at>, Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> writes:
> >I'll push that line of reasoning further- why the hell does our society
> >have to spend countless billions shooting people into space!

Because we would like to eventually move off Earth, if only because 
eventually Earth will become uninhabitable, and unless humankind becomes 
extinct, it might want to survive?  

Either that or plain curiousity about what's out there.  Either reason is 
good enough for me.  The alternative is what?  Settle down as a nice,
sedentary race, slowly, languidly slouching 
toward stagnation and death?  No thanks.

Or, if you like, because it is there, and because there are enough human 
beings with gumption and dreams to dare think that it might be 
interesting to do so.

Steve R.

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