CO2 Treaty Dead On Arrival

Todd M. Bolton tmbolton at
Mon Jun 30 18:16:18 EST 1997

John Alway wrote:
>           You should realize that if there is a _severe_ problem,
>         there will almost certainly be _smart_ people there with
>         ideas on how to deal with the problem in a truly free
>         society.  If there is a _value_ in fixing a problem, people
>         will want to work to solve it, and noble people will expect
>         to pay those who solve it.  Capitalism is the most efficient
>         "system" at utilizing the mind power of people.  What's great
>         is that it's not really a system per se, since it relies on
>         people making their own choices of their own free will.  It's
>         thus a very benevolent state of affairs.
>           The economic bottom line is largely (completely?) the
>         driving force behind the economy, but that bottom line
>         includes all sorts of factors, including _reputation_.
>         It is a positive force on the whole.  When people
>         seek wealth, they are seeking life. It's a very pro-life
>         process.  To be sure, not all people seek rational goals,
>         but on the whole, and the more rational the society, they
>         do seek life.
>           Also, the idea of unfettered markets, which I'm all
>         for, only works within the concept of rights.  You aren't
>         free to engage in fraud.  You aren't free to harm others.
>         This secures freedom in all areas of life, including
>         ones freedom to create and produce, the biggest necessity
>         for life.
>         ...John

So, a company will not create a severe problem because it might damage their 
reputation, and if they do create a problem some smart fellow will come along 
to fix it and the people who suffer from the problem can pay for the fix.  What 
about the company that created the problem, their reputaiton goes down, perhaps 
followed by their profits, but they get to keep the profit they made while 
screwing the people wwho have paid to have the problem fixed?  Making profit is 
a rational goal, and unless the profit makers are held liable for, or prevented 
from creating, their problems they will(on the whole) not pay attention to the 
possible problems they cause others.

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