CO2 Sequestering

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Mar 1 14:27:18 EST 1997

The following was noted and forwarded as a simplistic answer to sequestering.  From 
Texas Forestry Association newsletter.

"Forests are oxygen factories.  To grow a pound of wood, a typical tree uses nearly a 
pound and a half of carbon dioxide and gives off more that a pound of oxygen.  An acre 
of trees might grow 4,000 pound of  wood a year, use 5,880 pounds of carbon dioxide and 
give off 4,280 pounds of oxygen in the process.   When a forest gets old and over 
crowded, the trees barely grow.  They start to use oxygen rather than produce it.  An 
old forest may also have more wood decaying than growing.  Then that happens, the 
process reverses:  for every pound of wood decaying, a pound of oxygen is used and 
nearly one and a half pounds of carbon dioxide is released into the air." 

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