Mature timber

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Mar 2 19:15:51 EST 1997

Ron Wenrich wrote:

> My question is:  at what point should we be marking timber for removal?
> Are others using some point where we feel a tree is mature and, therefore,
> ready for market?  Are there other criteria we should be looking at?  Given
> the amount of value increase which is possible on these larger trees,
> aren't they worth letting stand?

Tough question. It depends a lot on how hungry the landowner is for
revenue considering his "alternative rate of return". And it's our
fiduciary responsibility to serve the landowners/client interest. But
it's nice when we can convince the client that first class silviculture
is really in his interest. I like to see a forest stand that has
recieved many light harvests but is kept at a high stocking with high
average size. These stands are some of the nicest aesthetically and
almost as interesting to me as old growth forest.

> I always have tried to maintain an average of 18-20 inch diameter on timber
> sales, while leaving a good amount of 18+ trees in the woods.  However,
> usually a logger or another forester comes along in about 10 years and
> wipes the stand out.
> Ron Wenrich

What's nice though is when you've been around long enough to go back
into a stand where you did a nice silvicultural cutting in, 15-20 years
ago. Then do the second stage of your 100 year plan! And hope for a
third. <G>

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