CO2 and Global Warming

Tim Morin lmorindc at
Sun Mar 2 23:25:18 EST 1997


Interesting that you should bring the topic of global warming.  I have 
just been boning up on the subject.  As a forester on the California 
Coast, I have received letter from the public that by harvesting timber I 
am contributing to the green house effect, or global warming.  However, 
all of the studies that I have researched indicate that it is the burning 
of fossil fuel, primarily, within factories and automobiles that are the 
major contributor to elevated carbon levels within the atmosphere, not 
the harvesting of timber.  I realize that trees can and do use carbon in 
their respiration, but lets call a spade a spade; a reduction in the use 
of oil will reduce the amount of carbon that is released into the 
atmosphere.  I'm sure you'll agree.

Tim Morin

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