Maximum number of species in a forest

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Mar 4 14:39:32 EST 1997

The way I break it down is simple-

I segregate the marked timber into 3 classes- 10-15", 16-19", 19" +

Then list each species, number of trees and bd. ft. vol. for each
diamter class; and for each species whether I think on average this
species on this lot is good, bad or ugly.

Other foresters brag about how accurate their figures are. I build in a
nice over run, but it's consistent and all the timber buyers know what
it is. At least they never bitch that they run short on me, like they
often do with other foresters.

When I show the timber, I naturally walk them in circles around the good
stuff! But timber buyers are some of the saviest people I've ever met.
Their jobs depend on sizing up the value of the stand and they know
what's in those trees better than I ever will; especially since a really
first class timber buyer will have spent time actually sawing timber.

And back on the subject of this thread- I typically have a dozen or so
species. I wrote my own software in "C" to process the field tally.

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