fires in woodchippings

Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Mar 14 11:42:01 EST 1997

D Pal wrote:
> Also does anyone know of a fire that has actually been started in this way?
> I would be grateful for any help received on this subject.
> Thanks,
> Aunkon.

stack fires are not unusual in the TExas heat and humidity.  Both bark 
and chip piles catch from spontanious combustion.  Normally the point of 
ignition is within the stack, not on the surface, with a slow smoldering 
fire that is a terror to put out.  Here, heat build up can begin within a 
few days of pile construction.  Some fires have started in chip vans that 
have been loaded from standing piles and set in the van for a few days, 
or the temperature of the chips is such that when exposed to air they 
ignite fairly readily.

With current markets the piles don't usually stand long enough without 
some working of the material.  Keeping the material rolling releases the 
heat build up, drys it out some, and reduces the number of flair ups.

Sorry, nothing scientific, just observations.
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