Wooden it! [Was: Nuclear Power in Aust]

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Paul F. Dietz wrote:
> No, it *is* produced from 14N, by the (n,p) reaction.
> Pull out your nuke fizz text; read that reactions
> with charged particles or neutrons in the exit channel
> typically have much higher cross section than do
> radiative capture reactions.
> Perhaps you could tell us where you think 14C comes from?
>         Paul


  You're correct. I know that C-14 comes from an (n,p) 
spallation in the upper atmosphere with high energy neutrons
from cosmic rays and from the sun.

I see that the (n,p) on N-14 does have a 1.77 barn cross-section
at low energies also. Single particle spallation like (n,p) are
usually the province of high energy reactions.

The more common low energy reaction is the (n,alpha).

However, it's problematical to try to use such rules of thumb
with something controlled by quantum mechanics.

Next time, I'll check the chart of the nuclides.


Dr. Gregory Greenman

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