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Jamie Simpson wrote:
> Here in Ontario, Canada, there was legislation passed by the previous
> government which gave the appropriate ministry the mandate of providing
> answers to questions related to long term sustainability, ecosystem
> health, biodiversity, etc.  This resulted from numerous meetings,
> hearings and discussions with all interested members of the community.
> It must be noted that this government was relatively socialist (by North
> American standards).  This government has since been replaced by a
> conservative legislature (conservative by anyones standards) which has
> repealed the legislation related to the Environmental Assessment.  The
> bill which recently passed gives the responsibility of EA to the
> Forestry Industry.  At least in this situation, the biggest problem with
> EA's is the political agenda of the prevailing legislative body and the
> interests of Industry.
> I don't wish to suggest that industry is inherently evil, but with the
> mobility of capital, capital intensive industries must show short term
> growth to attract investors.  This is often at odds with environmental
> concerns.

Jamie - I dont think industry is inherently evil, they are simply
looking out for their investment.  Businesses can exist for only a short
time then exit the market, because they reaped a great profit margin
while they were there.  Only forward-looking, long-term business is
going to ever be an ally of the environmental movement.  They are the
only ones who could potentially change due to consumer pressure, thereby
changing the attitude of the 'quick-buck' business.  
Chris Frankland

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