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Can anyone help me with an essay question that I have to do!

I am a BSc student at the Scottish School of Forestry in Inverness, in my
final year of their BSc in Forestry and Conservation.
We are currently concentrating on Environmental Impact Assessments and have
been assigned an essay question.  Can anybody give me ideas or comments or
pointers on the following questions.

1)  Why is Scoping so important within the EA

2)  What are some of the problems associated with EA's in Forestry.

3)  How can Scoping be altered and or improved to meet specific forestry

You can contact me via e-mail, or post your reply here
Thank you in advance for your valuable help...

George, Scotland.

My e-mail addresses are

George at qualitylogs.force9.net
George_Beaton/IC at student.fc.uhi.ac.uk

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