A web page for those interested in forestry.

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Wed Mar 19 12:31:21 EST 1997

Good Job!  Might suggest you look at the contrast of colors on the web
page, some are difficult to read.  Also, might explain on the main page
the nature of the cookies that are buried in your page.

Brett Nodello wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have created a web page that I hope people interested in forestry will
> find intersting.  I also hope that high school students who stumble upon
> it may become interested in forestry.  The page offers articles,
> information, and links to jobs and resources.  I need new articles and
> information to make this page more helpful to students and would
> appreciate any help.  Please check out the Woodlot at:
> http://www.geocities.com/yosemite/Trails/1039/
> Thanks.

Ego Stroke:  http://www.livingston.net/dstaples/

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