forestry on private land in Europe??

McKenney d_mckenney at
Mon Mar 24 19:05:11 EST 1997

Well, I'm headed to visit a forester friend in Norway in just over a month
so I will ask some questions re: ownership and management in Scandinavia.
However, let's look at resource management issues on US NIPF---private
owners are becoming better stewards all the time. Remember, we've been
blessed with an abundant wood supply and could live by the 'pioneer
mentality' of just going over the next ridge and cutting the timber. We
simply didn't have to manage; abundance allowed us to exploit. But now
we're getting smarter and so are landowners. I wish, frankly, that the
government would get out of the business of 'assisting' private owners to
manage their land. This policy has outlived its need and people have become
conditioned to think of all foresters as public employees never thinking
that one could be privately employed.  As for public ownership, I remain
unconvinced that the public is any better a steward than the private owner.
In fact, I believe that private ownership---individual or family, not
necessarily corporate---is the best for the resource. As a consultant who
has managed land for well over 20 years this has proven true in my

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