Logging Aesthetics

McKenney d_mckenney at conknet.com
Wed Mar 26 06:51:14 EST 1997

The Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in Concord NH has a
forester by the name of Geoff Jones. He has authored a publication on this
topic. Suggest you contact him. I know they have e-mail and a web site but
the address is not at my fingertips. Call info for NH area code 603 and
they can connect you. Good luck.

Terry Godwin <tnbooks at earthlink.net> wrote in article
<33388518.3193 at earthlink.net>...
> I am a procurment forester for IP in Arkansas and I'm writing a script 
> for a logger training video on logging aesthetics.  I could use your 
> help in two ways.  1) Please send any logging aesthetics info to me via 
> email.  2) Please send me ideas that you have used or think might give a 
> logging site a better look to the public.  
> Thanks
> tg

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