Integrating trees on the farm

Jamie Simpson jamessim at
Tue Mar 25 22:49:27 EST 1997

Sorry to get off topic folks, but I was wondering what the interest was
for growing trees here in the temperate zone of North America on a
farm.  But not in a woodlot.  Is anyone out there aware of farms that
are using intercropping (trees and crops on the same unit of land),
managing windbreaks for timber production (as in New Zealand),
silvipasture (growing trees in pasture lands rather than pasturing
animals in young plantations) or any other untraditional use of trees on
the farm.  I am aware of many people using woodlots for fungus
production and harvesting herbs (many of which I understand are legal). 
But what about these other ideas?  I would appreciate knowing,
especially from you private foresters, if there may be some general
interest in these multiple land use practices.  And what character of
landowner is willing to try these new (old) ideas.  I am also open to
opinions on what barriers exist to the general acceptance of these



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