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 Some visitors to bionet.agroforestry may have an interest
 in participating in the email discussions at Tree-House,
 an informal forum on Community Forestry & Ecologies.

 Below is the Info file that you will automatically receive
 when you sign on.  Tree-House has been active for 2 years
 now, although lately our message traffic has been relatively
 low following some spring system reconfigurations.

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 Welcome!                                                     April 1997

    This document is the Info file for members of the discussion
    list for 'Community Forestry & Ecologies' - Tree-House.  Also
    it is for 'Backyard Birding & Habitats' - Bird-House.  Still
    further, these 2 email groups share a 3rd 'archivedition' list
    - the Bird-Tree-Digest - which is a hybrid merger of those 2.

    Anyone interested (please forward this to your colleagues!) is
    freely welcome to subscribe onto, post to, unsubscribe off of,
    or 'migrate' between these 3 eco-friendly Majordomo email fora.

    All that is required for full participation in our discussions
    is a standard Internet email address.

    Once every month this file is incrementally updated, circulated
    to our multiple listees, and posted to some kindred newsgroup(s).

 How To Enlist Oneself:
    To subscribe onto or unsubscribe off of any of our 'FloraLists,'
    email a request something like these (to be read by a machine) ...

To: <Majordomo at Majordomo.Flora.Com>
Subject: subscribe / unsubscribe / whatever [For your convenience] ...
Message: --
 subscribe bird-tree-digest
 unsubscribe tree-house
 subscribe bird-house

 info bird-tree-digest

 Note that your requests for subscription should originate from
    one's own regular email account (not from friends' or families'
    -- others' return addresses will not be recognized properly
    by our automatic mail processor as being from you).

    This personal address rule holds equally true when submitting
    a public message (a posting) to the list.  And please remember,
    when it comes time that you must sign off of a list, simply let
    us know what a fine time you have enjoyed, and enter a courteous
    request to either the Majordomo subscription office shown above,
    or to the FloraList Operations office at bottom.  It is not at
    all expedient to post a flaming letter to the entire membership
    (which might be regretted later) -- such action is not likely to
    accelerate your removal in the least.  Folks are in fact expected
    to unsubscribe from time to time for whatever their reasons may
    be, and are always welcomed back to the discussions later!

 How To 'Post' Your Message To The List:
 Address your message to either of the following:

To: <Tree-House at Majordomo.Flora.Com>	(Community Forestry & Ecologies)
To: <Bird-House at Majordomo.Flora.Com>	(Backyard Birding & Habitats)

 Note that these addresses which accept postings are NOT intended
    for (un)subscribe requests or for other personal (non-public)
    correspondence.  For subscription information see 'How To Enlist
    Oneself' above.  Also, our automated list-server will courteously
    prepend a 'TH:' onto the subject line of all Tree-House mail,
    while Bird-House gets stamped with a 'BH:' -- this helps you to
    quickly identify the sources of those messages.  i.e. a Community
    Forestry posting might look something like this ...
Subject: TH: street oak trees and nesting squirrels ...

 Visit our WWW-site at:  http://flora.com
 Your feedback is always Welcome here too ! Let us know how to improve
    and further clarify this Info file.  Address correspondences to:

 "Richard Tryzno Ellsberry"  <Richard at Flora.Com>  (FloraList Operations)

 This document may be freely circulated to interested colleagues.
    You'll find this on the World Wide Web via:  http://Flora.Com

 As of of this update, both Bird-House and Tree-House are circulating
    under 2 message postings per day (in 'light trading' volume :) ...

 FloraList(C)1997                                             April 1997

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