forestry on private land in Europe??

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Mar 27 05:46:36 EST 1997

Ron Wenrich wrote:

> I was wondering if a Forest Practices Act has had any influence on forest
> management in states that has instituted it.

In Mass. we have a Forest Cutting Practices Act which is almost useless.
It just attempts to prevent a cutting job from utterly devastating the
land. A very minimum law. The majority of logging still occurs without
any silvicuralal consideration as I don't consider timber procurement
foresters as foresters because they're in the business of procuring
timber, not practicing silviculture.

What really gets me is that in Mass. there is a vast array of forester
types on the public dole (uh... I mean having government jobs) and in 20
years as a consultant, I would conclude this huge array of folks has
contributed absolutely nothing to solving the forestry problems. They go
to each other's meetings, talk about all the great things they've done,
give each other awards, etc. They have no contact with reality. If any
good forestry ever occured in this state is was not due to these welfare
Queens, but despite them.

Our brilliant state legislature a few years ago finally wrote a law that
DEFINES what a forester is. I tried to tell them that the word is
already defined in my dictionary. <G> The law won't accomplish anything
as far as improving the quality of foresty in this state, or improving
the status of forestry consultants.

"The ONLY forester's web page in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

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