Logging Aesthetics

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Mar 27 06:17:46 EST 1997

McKenney wrote:
> Wait a minute, I'm proud of the work I can do as a forester and the work
> that loggers I contract with can do. I see no reason to leave a buffer
> strip along roads or boundary lines. Doing so implies that my work must be
> hidden. It's time for forestry to stop its retreat and start going forward.
> Real forestry does not need to be hidden! I've got acres of work that I am
> most proud to display.

But of course you know what you're doing. I'd suggest however that those
that don't know what they're doing could avoid fighting with the public
if they don't make their mess so obvious.

In Mass. the cutting practices law insists on buffers along paved roads.
And I've argued with the state (a favorite pastime of mine) that there
may be situations when the buffer isn't needed. But Mass. doesn't bother
to mandate that a forester manage the job. Doesn't make any sense.

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