Logging Aesthetics

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Mar 27 06:00:37 EST 1997

Don Staples wrote:
> The Texas Forestry Association has a loggers "Best Managment Practice"
> hand book that addresses much of the aesthetics problems here in Texas,
> they can be reached at 409-632-8733.  Should fit in in Arkansas as well.

Well, Don, someday when the T.F.A. is as internet savvy as you are,
perhaps they might publish their B.M.A. on the net. You should volunteer
to be the T.F.A.'s "Internet Czar". <G>

I've been suggesting to the Mass. Dept. of Env. Mgt. to publish all it's
documents on the net. When I say that, they act as if I just asked them
to go out and do a day's work in the woods or to make the slightest
effort to promote forestry.

All state and federal environmental and forestry documents should be
published on the net. I hereby challange any public dole... I mean
government forestry agencies to bring their agencies into the 1990's and
publish their documents on the net. But of course, no state Chief
Forester, no "higher ups" in the USFS would ever do anything so lowly as
participate in this forum (the only forestry newsroup on the planet),
with a bunch of lowly forestry consultants. So they will be unaware of
this challange and it will never happen. It's not easy being so far out
on the cutting edge. <G>

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