Logging Aesthetics

Jamie Simpson jamessim at uoguelph.ca
Thu Mar 27 00:31:44 EST 1997

In response to several of Joe Zorrins suggestions...
Providing buffers is a good idea.  but I was disappointed to see that
this was number 1 on your list.  Hiding the facts should be a low

Grading skidder ruts is a nice aesthetic touch, but the additional
compaction of a grader will hardly enhance the opportunity to restock
the site.  There are several ways to avoid excessive skidder damage. 
Log in the dry season.  Either when the ground is frozen, or dry.  If
you have to log when the ground may be wet then log from behind.  Plan
your skidder trails through the furthest reaches of the stand and start
there.  If it rains, then there is living biomass to use the water in
the areas of heaviest traffic.  See some recent papers by Dave Grigal of
U of Minnesota on harvesting poplar this way.

The rest I agree with...unfortunately, I haven't seen much of it in
Ontario.  The proposed video should be marketed worldwide and made
mandatory for any logger.  I am sick and tired of seeing damaged and
wasted trees, empty cans, broken equipment and tires littering the bush.

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