Logging aesthetic like kudzu eradication!

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Thu Mar 27 08:06:12 EST 1997

I was a forester supervisor in a rural east Alabama county for 10 years. 
The local paper printed about anything you wrote and I loved the forum.

An article I wrote once said something to the effect  "contact us for
information about our kudzu eradication program".  This was a program that
I thought would help the county and there were several new chemicals to
deal with the vine.

Did not take long for oldtimers, much wiser than my youthful self, to
correct me.  "Kudzu ain't gonna be 'eradicated' here even if you are a
school educated forester" (for those of you who don't know what kudzu
is...it is a legume, a vine, a green sea, an SCS transplant from Asia that
overtakes thousands of southern forests and cropland each year).  I
laughed at myself and agreed.

That was a learning experience.  I never was quite as bold in my public

IMHO when I read "logging aesthetic" this kudzu experience comes back to
me. Like "kudzu eradication" is "logging aesthetic" the proper term...

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Can you have a pleasing look (aesthetic) associated with
logging on a profitable southern logging operation or any operation in the
US or CANADA?  Webster says that aesthetic is "dealing with the beautiful"
and I just have seen very few beautiful logging sites in the traditional,
non-forestry sense.

I like to use the phrase "Logging Impact Mitigation" or "Logging Effect
Abatement" ;-)    ;-)    ;-)
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John Stephen Nix
"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
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