Logging Aesthetics

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Thu Mar 27 06:24:38 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote:
> In response to several of Joe Zorrins suggestions...
> Providing buffers is a good idea.  but I was disappointed to see that
> this was number 1 on your list.  Hiding the facts should be a low
> priority!

Well, here in Massachusetts, most logging even now is not under the
direction of a forester. Many logging jobs have been a real mess right
up to the edge of the road. If we had laws mandating that qualified
foresters manage the job using good silviculture and good logging
practices, then the buffer wouldn't be a necessary requirement. But this
state is too backward to implement my suggestions.

But if such bad logging will still be permitted, they at least ought to
hide it.

On Federal lands, much of the fuss over cutting has been that the
logging is HIGHLY visible from major highways. Even if we assume that
the harvesting was carried out as professionally as possible, most of
the public doesn't care to look at it. I don't mean that logging needs
to be hidden completely, but "tempering" the visibility, might make
fewer enemies from those folks who haven't yet come to understand the
wonders of "multiple use forestry".

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