forestry on private land in Europe??

Jamie Simpson jamessim at
Thu Mar 27 00:16:27 EST 1997

While much of what you say is true, it does not offer a solution.  Given
the enormous deficit and debt of the US government, and I suspect the
individual states as well, getting rid of a few pencil pushers would be
a good idea.  However, this does not address the problem of productive
land being unmanaged, or worse, mismanaged.  The tone of your message is
similar to that of many contacts I have industry, government
and private landowners.  Perhaps the pencil pushers, in their efforts to
stradle the fence between the many interest groups have succeeded in
nothing more than skewering themselves on a picket fence.  The US
goverments, state and federal, seem to have created the same problems as
the more legislative prone Canadian government, which tends to be more
social democratic in nature.  How do we educate people on the value of
private land forestry, both from an economic perspective and an
ecological one.

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