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Jack Lewis jlewis at rmi.net
Thu Mar 27 20:33:32 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> I hereby challange any public dole... I mean
> government forestry agencies to bring their agencies into the 1990's and
> publish their documents on the net. But of course, no state Chief
> Forester, no "higher ups" in the USFS would ever do anything so lowly as
> participate in this forum (the only forestry newsroup on the planet),
> with a bunch of lowly forestry consultants. So they will be unaware of
> this challange and it will never happen. It's not easy being so far out
> on the cutting edge. <G>

Please visit 


This is one of our first attempts to post our documents on the web.  The
San Juan Rio Grande National Forests have been slow to publish documents
on the web because this technology has only recently become available
to  this Region, and admittedly we're a little slow on picking things
up.  What you'll be seeing soon is that most all of the documents that
are made public will be placed on our web pages, including scoping
documents and draft EA's/EIS's.  Please be patient, we're just getting
our feet wet.

I think you'd be suprised at the number of bureaucrats that read this

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