Integrating trees on the farm

Rob Clark hcfb at
Thu Mar 27 23:43:07 EST 1997

Sure, there are many ways you can use trees and row crops together. Wanut
trees and corn or soybeans-- hazelnut and corn or soybeans --windbreaks and
grapes -- pine windbreaks, cottonwood windbreaks, almost anything. What
particularly are you interested in? 

Jamie Simpson <jamessim at> wrote in article
<33389CC7.1A5F at>...
> Sorry to get off topic folks, but I was wondering what the interest was
> for growing trees here in the temperate zone of North America on a
> farm.  But not in a woodlot.  Is anyone out there aware of farms that
> are using intercropping (trees and crops on the same unit of land),
> managing windbreaks for timber production (as in New Zealand),
> silvipasture (growing trees in pasture lands rather than pasturing
> animals in young plantations) or any other untraditional use of trees on
> the farm.  I am aware of many people using woodlots for fungus
> production and harvesting herbs (many of which I understand are legal). 
> But what about these other ideas?  I would appreciate knowing,
> especially from you private foresters, if there may be some general
> interest in these multiple land use practices.  And what character of
> landowner is willing to try these new (old) ideas.  I am also open to
> opinions on what barriers exist to the general acceptance of these
> practices.
> Thanks
> Jamie

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