forestry on private land in Europe??

Don Staples dstaples at
Sat Mar 29 01:20:01 EST 1997

An extraordinary question, with a very complex/impossible answer.

If your the state, you throw money at it and when the problem  does not
disappear you state a case for the environment, and take over all
management, ala cook book style.  If your private you go at it one owner
at a time, with little chance of changing the scene in your life time. 
There is a common ground that the state refuses to accept, consultants
are competent land managers, the state is competent program manager. 
Let the consultants manage the land under legislation.  Create a state
forestry council for decision making that consists of state, private and
industrial with a rotation for the leadership.  Poor performance gets
canceled in no more than two years, now it takes decades to change a bad
program, if then.  Missouri has a strong conservation commission and
relates (apparently) well to the consultants and industry.  Much of
their private land is managed.  (Jump in here, any Mo type foresters). 
Texas has a weak state conservation/environmental set up with different
agencies bunkered in to protect their agency/budgets with duplication of
effort, little real assistance to the land owner, and very little
assistance to the environment.  

I speak not only as a consultant, but a 13 year veteran of the state
forest service.  I loved the potential of the state job (never
fulfilled) and I love the chance to change the environment on one tract
at a time (never fulfilled, the owner dies, the son takes over, and
sells out) I end up making very small progress with educating the
public, but do better than I did with the state.  If I/consultants had
the resources of the state to back up our ability, it would be
unbeatable.  But we would end up cook book foresters for the state,no
live success, just a lot of reports filed.

Joseph Zorzin may be correct, we are screwed.

Jamie Simpson wrote:
>   How do we educate people on the value of
> private land forestry, both from an economic perspective and an
> ecological one.

Ego Stroke:

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