? about river birch, t. honeylocust

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Thu May 8 18:00:27 EST 1997

D. Ebenezer Bowles wrote:
> In December I planted 10 saplings in large planter boxes and distributed
> them among the mature trees on the property.
> The green ash, pin oak, and silver maple are doing quite well.  The silver
> maple bloomed first, but has slowed somewhat during the past fortnight.
> The green ash has eight healthy leaves on one-inch of green shoot.  The pin
> oak budded about three weeks ago but has doubled its height and has six
> leaves -- the longest is four inches.
> The weeping willow had a ten-inch main shoot and three smaller shoots at
> planting, but all are dead.  However, two branches emerged from soil level
> and display excellent growth:  two-and-one-half inch shoots with long, thin
> leaves.  The best developed leaves are about three-quarters of an inch
> long.
> The sugar maple, red oak, and red maple show no growth, but have small
> buds.  The stems are supple.  I hope they will bloom when the weather
> warms.
> The thornless honeylocust grew three-quarters of an inch between April 2
> and May 8.  Otherwise, it appears dormant.  It does have small buds on the
> side of a reddish-brown shoot.  Can I expect it to bud at those points?
> The tulip tree perplexes me.  A small, whitish bud at the tip appears to be
> opening.  What appears to be the tip of a leaf has emerged perhaps an
> eighth of an inch from the bud -- but it has been just that way for almost
> a month.  Why doesn't it emerge?
> The River Birch looks exactly as it did when I planted it in December.  The
> main branch extends twelve inches from the soil with a small branch near
> the top.  It this tree slow to revive from winter?  I think it may be dead.
> Are there any specific "foods" I can administer to any of the species to
> prompt them into action?

Whats your geographic location?  My tulip trees in Texas have just shown
leaf growth, so I suspect you are much futher north.  Give 'em some
time, they'll make it.

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