Things are quite are here lately.

Darryl & Sharon Jones wiljones at
Sun May 25 10:45:43 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Things are quite around here lately.
> That must mean everybody's very pleased about things. Such a joyful
> world we live in. <G>
> Consultants have no more complaints about the bureaucrats. And no
> complaints about why it cost a fortune to join ACF? Why don't we
> consultants who haven't clawed are way into the upper middle class start
> a new organization. The American Assoc. of Poor Forestry Consultants. No
> fees, no obligations, no absurd and useless training sessions. I'm
> serious about this. If you're presently working as a forestry
> consultant, then you can join. I hereby declare myself President of the
> AAPFC. It will be our goal to reform the typical mindless state forestry
> agencies and push for more money in the SIP programs. Heck, just not
> building one F22 bomber (designed to destryoy the USSR), will release
> $40,000,000 from Newt Gingrich's home territory- which we can put to
> infinitely better use doing real work in the woods. We'll also avoid
> belonging to phony baloney organizations that don't fight for us. We can
> then do some real fighting for ourselves.
> The bureaucracts..... well they almost never contribute anything here
> anyways. Too many juicy meetings to attend keeps them busy. <G>
> Landowners.... landowners? Do landowners ever speak up around here? Oh,
> once in awhile. Well, in my area most landowners still get there
> forestry advice from the local sawmill procurement "forester". I met
> with one landonwer a few months ago to discuss his timber stand. Instead
> of retaining me, he sold direct to a local procurement forester who
> proceeded to rape the place and paid only half of what I could have
> gotten the landowener. But at least the landowner avoided my fee. Smart
> guy.
> State Chief foresters? Huh, never. Wouldn't want to mingle with us mud
> foresters. And besides, they don't know anything anyways. They have
> their jobs for political reasons. Same holds true for the "higher ups"
> in the USFS. The "leaders" can't mingle with the masses, because that's
> too much like those failed socialist countries.
> Loggers? On the internet? Not likely. Too busy doing real work. Although
> there is a horsy logger that has been seen around here. BTW, I have far
> more respect for loggers than most forestry bureaucrats.
> --
> "The ONLY forester's web page in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts".
Ok, so things have been quiet around here lately. Maybe this post will
be flamed and the newsgroup will become busy. 

I am a forester with a state agency in the south, and I understand where
the viewpoints you expressed toward the bureaucrats comes from. I, for
one, began working for the state at a time when very few jobs in the
private sector were available in my state, and I have a tremendous
respect for the consultants that I have been fortunate enough to work
with. I do everything I can to help them, and believe me, I defer to
their expertise and experience when I have a chance. 

 Just as a reminder, not all foresters employed by the states live to
attend meetings. Like all of you, I went into forestry to stay in the
field, and that is where I stay. 

Just my opinion.

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