endsealer for logs

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Sat Nov 1 07:13:30 EST 1997

dstaples at livingston.net wrote in article <345A24E7.7254 at livingston.net>...
> Florent Lemieux wrote:
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> > I search information about "endsealer for logs and
> > lumber" it's suppose that applying a log wax dramatically increases
> >  profitability by preventing end checking other heat and age related
> >  problems.? In this article they speak about "anchorseal" Did some
> > try it ?
> > 
> >                                         Florent Lemieux
> >                                         Forest Technicien
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> Very nearly any sealing material will provide some level of prevention,
> parafin melted in a petroleum base will even work.  Commercial materials
> are used for ease of handling and acceptance by our EPA or any agency
> ya'll have in Canada.  For short term use even latex paint works, to a
> certain degree.
> It will, indeed, inprove the end value of the logs.
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> Don Staples
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We even buried veneer logs to keep them fresh.  We just had to saw a few
inches off the ends, and they were OK.  I've also seen water sprayed on log
piles to retain freshness - sort of like the old log ponds, but much less
water.  This was on ash piles, which get powder post beetle real quick.

I haven't seen veneer buyers end coating logs on the landing, yet.  Some do
use S hooks to prevent splitting.  These are made of plastic by the same
company that makes "anchorseal".  


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