cops torture enviornmentalists

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It has always been my understanding that the general "conservative" (read
Republican, and to a lesser extent Democrat) principle is to encourage and
develop strong government in the police area but to discourage government
in the area that controls and governs corporations.  I.e., control the
rabble but let the corporations do what they want (e.g., like China). 

I am not sure where gun control or lack of it fits in but I am sure that 
no one can fend of M1 tanks and M16s with a shotgun.  But I do know that 
it is big money in politics that is pushing our state (The USA) toward 

To keep on topic, I just planted a wonderful 2 in. diameter Red Oak in my 
backyard.  Digging a 3 foot hole in clay is not fun.


> Can you now understand, not just you Kats, why many conservative
> Americans view the current move for internal disarmament as a blow
> against resistance to an ever more oppresive "public service"
> government?
> It is not just California politicians, although they have some dandies,
> but from the presidency down.  Janet Reno should be on this like a duck
> on a june bug.  What do you want to bet that there were no civil rights
> violations on the actions of the police?
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