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Thomas Kellar wrote:
> It has always been my understanding that the general "conservative" (read
> Republican, and to a lesser extent Democrat) principle is to encourage and
> develop strong government in the police area but to discourage government
> in the area that controls and governs corporations.  I.e., control the
> rabble but let the corporations do what they want (e.g., like China).
> I am not sure where gun control or lack of it fits in but I am sure that
> no one can fend of M1 tanks and M16s with a shotgun.  But I do know that
> it is big money in politics that is pushing our state (The USA) toward
> totalitarianism.
> To keep on topic, I just planted a wonderful 2 in. diameter Red Oak in my
> backyard.  Digging a 3 foot hole in clay is not fun.

In Texas conservative is not limited to republicans, liberals in Texas
are more socialistic.  Conservative is based more on the feeling that we
can do it ourselves, and let the feds take care of external affairs. 
The American Socialist (read current national democrates) feel that the
feds can take care of all our needs, rather we want them to are not. 
They are in the One World Government movement.

Yep, clay a booger, try planting 30 acres of it, by machine or hand, and
know the truth in working for nature!
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