Blinding Kids??!! (Was: use pepperspray on criminals

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Sun Nov 2 11:02:50 EST 1997

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: :After the jerk offs were given at least SEVEN warnings to leave, ONE of
: the
: :people who were BREAKING THE LAW was subjected to pepper spray.  The
: :others were given one more chance to leave before anyone else was
: subjected :to pepper spray.  Hell, they ought to be thanking their lucky
: stars the police
: :used pepper spray and not bullets.  This coddling of criminals has got
: to
: :stop.  Three cheers for the police and sheriff's departments who treat
: :criminals like criminals instead of like victims.  If you don't want
: the
: :punishment, don't do the crime!

     Punishment is not to be administered at the scene by police
officers acting as judge, jury, and executioner.  Police officers
are paid to enforce the law, which says that persons shall not be
punished without due process of law.  For those not used to reading
or understanding the Bill of Rights, that means a trial.  In other
words they are not criminals until a judge/jury says they are, and
not due to some policeman at the scene getting annoyed.  Hint: some
cop might get annoyed at you some day!
     Bullets and pepper spray are to be used to protect the police
and the public from imminent harm, and/or to aid in capturing or
subduing a suspect.  They do not seem to be necessary to effect an
arrest of someone who refuses to leave when ordered to.  

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