Blinding Kids??!! (Was: use pepperspray on criminals

Daniel J. Lavigne taxfree at
Sun Nov 2 03:01:04 EST 1997

Daniel J. Lavigne wrote:


>Uniformed fools, protecting the greed of the logging industry, try to
>blind defenceless children in a public office building in CALIFORNIA!!

>How dare  such BASTARDS  walk your streets??


>Find those pig shit cowards!!

>Tie their feet well down!

>Put your muzzles up their ass!!

>Then blow them out of town!


>Find those  fucking bastards!!

>Fix their foolish heads!!

>Don't let their lust for power

>Make you look  brain dead!!


 taxfree at (Daniel J. Lavigne) continues:

"Angelmoon" <angelmoon at>, with  Message-ID:  
<01bce725$75b91000$914b2299 at Flashnet> wrote:

:After the jerk offs were given at least SEVEN warnings to leave, ONE of
:people who were BREAKING THE LAW was subjected to pepper spray.  The
:others were given one more chance to leave before anyone else was
subjected :to pepper spray.  Hell, they ought to be thanking their lucky
stars the police
:used pepper spray and not bullets.  This coddling of criminals has got
:stop.  Three cheers for the police and sheriff's departments who treat
:criminals like criminals instead of like victims.  If you don't want
:punishment, don't do the crime!

And what would you suggest "Angelmoon" is an appropriate punishment for
any parent who would dare object to having their children subjected to
anal and vaginal rape by such "police officers"?

Think about it "Angelmoon" as your nation loses its moral bearing.

To a safer, saner world. To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne
Founder, Co-ordinator
International Humanity House
Future’s Hope

Aloof, alone, some gawky boned,
Books cradled askew in their binders
Eyes in thought and all else forgot
By ideas that caused them to wander.

Home to learn at their own turn
Their thoughts embrace the stress
Of young love spurned and dinners burned
And tempers taunt at best.

Should such be our future
Should such pour the wine
Its best that we remember
What we added to their “Time”.

Was it love in playing?
Was it hope in thought?
Were our guides well spoken?
Or simply fast forgot?

Our future’s hope is love

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