cops torture enviornmentalists

Dan Clore clore at
Sun Nov 2 02:25:36 EST 1997

kats wrote:

> : SAN FRANCISCO (AP)- A videotape released yesterday shows officers using
> :swabs to dab pepper spray onto the eyelids of antilogging protesters who
> :are screaming and pleading for help.
> : "Call your congressman. Tell him they're torturing us," one of the four
> :women yells to supporters during a sit-in at a congressman's office.
> : The tape, played for reporters at a news conference announcing a
> :lawsuit, showed protesters sitting on the floor screaming as deputies
> :pulled back their heads and applied the burning substance. Officers can
> :be seen prying one woman's eyes open before dabbing them with spray
> :while she whimpers, "No, don't open it."
> : The federal lawsuit, filed on behalf of nine demonstrators at two
> :protests, said officers from the Humboldt County sheriff's department
> :and the Eureka police department violated pepper spray guidelines from
> :the National Law Enforcement Policy Center. Those guidelines specify
> :that the substance should not be discharged into the eyes from distances
> :of less than 2 feet.
> : The suit seeks damages and a court order forbidding the use of liquied
> :pepper spray by the officers against "peaceful,non-violent protestors."
> : The plaintiffs say the tape was made by police on Oct. 16 at the Eureka
> :offices of Rep. frank Riggs, R-Calif. A second police tape showed
> :similar events in the lobby of the Pacific Lumger Co. in Scotia on Sept.
> :25.
> :------------------------------------------------------

> just bloody lovely - having not watched the tv for at least 2 weeks (or
> listened to radio either) i have not heard about this.  i feel bad even
> carrying pepper spray to deal with the bears i encounter on a regular basis
> (never used it, hope never to have to - saw a vid of how they react to being
> sprayed - quite disturbing)  but to use it on non-violent protestors???
> Things like this make me unsure which side of the fence i am partial to...
> amazing that those miserable cops actually made a tape of such a hideous
> act - did they somehow think it was ok?  were they too stupid to realize the
> uproar it would cause?  no wonder the environmentalists hate those of us who
> work in forestry - they probably think we hired those cops directly...

> the world could be a better place....

The head cop was on the news story I saw about this (ABC, I think). Why,
*of course* it was okay, they were *criminals* he said....

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