Lets educate the world about forestry- charge into the future!

Brett Nodello v7re at unb.ca
Sun Nov 2 23:34:58 EST 1997

I think it is a great idea.  That is more or less what I would have
liked my web page to be.  Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge or
time to do it by myself.  I was hoping that I would get a lot of
material from visitors to the site and from people in
bionet.agroforestry but it never happened.  I believe a site like this
is very important, especially for students.  I know that when I was in
high school I only heard the negative aspects of forestry.  With another
source if information some of the myths that are fed to students could
be abolished.  I hope you can get the support to make the web page work.

Brett Nodello

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