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Don Staples dstaples at
Mon Nov 3 17:51:04 EST 1997

I just received the following letter regarding the SAF Election for Vice
President.  Jim Coufal is currently a professor at the State University
New York (SUNY).  

Loren Larson

>Subject: Jim Coufal next SAF president
>Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 15:51:59 -0500
>Jim Coufal has won election as the next Vice President of the Society of
>American Foresters.  This leads to being President in 1999 and the
>Resident "Emeritus" in 2000.
>This is terrific news for Jim, and even better news for SAF.  And, it's
>a great way to display the leadership role of ESF Forestry to the
>Please joining me in congratulating Jim and wishing the best for his
>three-year tour of duty.
>Bill Bentley
Don Staples
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