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Jostnix jostnix at
Mon Nov 3 20:16:56 EST 1997


I was very pleased with you discussion.  I am not familiar with some of
the terms you and the group were using but this whole experiment is a
learning process.  I am unfamiliar with European forestry and things associated.

The time was fine with me but you need to make sure that your part of the
world can be comfortable with it.  Please set up a time on a regular basis
to do just what you did last week.

Sorry about my having to leave the discussion because of a need to use the
phone.  I only have one line and my  wife, one son, and three daughters
make it hard for me to stay on for a long time.

Again, Thanks

Steve Nix
``````) (_________John Stephen Nix
"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
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