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Daniel J. Lavigne wrote:


> To the men, women, parents, teachers, politicians, civil servants,
> children and all others who previously took pride in  their ability to
> say "Hello Neighbor! I'm from Eureka, California!":
> You  must not allow cowards to continue controlling your police force.
> Those so cowardly as to willingly dare to risk blinding young people
> must not be allowed to control the policing of your community.


> As for US Representative Frank Riggs, the fool who believes his ilk
> have
> the right to do such sins; give him notice of your intentions with
> regard to his fitness and ability to act in the  long term interests
> and
> safety of your familys.

 Mark Denman <mdenman at> in Message-ID:
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>Did I miss something? I never saw anybody blinded on *my* television. I

>saw a gross misuse of pepper spray in a very ill-thought-out plan to
>avoid physical force. I also didn't see any kids - I saw college age
>young adults.

>I guess we were watching different shows. You saw "kids" (which is
>to evoke the image of pre-teens and which various groups have extended
>all the way up to 24 years old (that's how Handguns Inc says that so
>many "kids" are killed each year)) and I saw the truth. You saw them
>being "blinded" and yet none of them are now blind.

taxfree at (Daniel J. Lavigne) responds:

We were watching the same report. Fortunately, my TV is somewhat dated
and does not have a selective interpretation dispenser. One of the
people who is being restrained by two thugs with a third rolling up her
eye lids to swab her corneas with the chemical in question, each of
which is much larger and visibly more muscular than she, appeared to be
no more than 16 years of age. Were she somewhat older, even by 10 years,
that age would not excuse the actions perpetrated upon her and her
fellow dissidents.

Punishment of prisoners or people under arrest is not an option for
police officers.

They are trained to use a minimum of force to  remove protesters from
such situations. What would you next allow such "police officers" to do
if the pain from applications to the eyes did not provided the desired

Would you then have these "police officers" disrobe the dissidents and
apply that chemical on and into their vaginas and anuses in order to
obtain the "desired result"? How about forcing them to swallow that
chemical? Why not allow them to inject all persons subject to police
power with whatever substance such "police officers" feel is required to
establish their "immediate supremacy"?

Why not, Mark, simply allow "police officers" to lawfully shoot anyone
who so much as dares to raise their voice with contempt?  Such actions
are a daily part of life in America to-day because such as you, by the
millions, will blind your own eyes to any thing that may tend to wake
you from your cowardly lethargy.

In Texas they use hot lead. In New York they use plunger handles. In
other states kangaroo trials are used to great effect against minorities
and dissidents. Canada is not alone in sentencing the innocent to life
long terms in jails that are manned by the same type of evil that would
endanger your eye sight. What would you allow your local police to use
against members of your own family? When would you come to their
assistance should a member of your family "unlawfully resist" such

Can you not yet identify the "desired result" of such "police
actions"?!  Are you so lost to what is going on around you on a daily
basis as to be unable note that the majority of your fellow citizens
have lost all self-identity and the capacity to understand when
something is drastically wrong?

Can it be that you continue to pay taxes in support of societal insanity
even though Decision T2020-88 of The Federal Court Of Canada - Trial
Division recognized your unassailable right and concurrent and
unavoidable duty to refuse to support societal insanity? 

Wake up Mark! There was no resistance on the part of the protesters
other than pleas that the police officers act as human beings and
whimpers of "please don't". For such pleas and brave determination you
would allow such illegal and unlawful retribution?

What would you have requested the "police officers" to do had the
protesters told them to "Fuck Right Off You Cowardly Bastards And Deal
With This The Right Way!"?  What then Mark? Wake Up!

And Stay Awake! The event was filmed by the police in order to
intimidate any other like minded protesters from attempting to
participate in any similar act of civil disobedience against the rule of
timber barons in Eureka  and Humboldt county. Timber barons, I add, who
need their little salmon, Frank Riggs, to do the Washington wiggle for
them with regard to their desire to profit from all remaining redwoods
in California.

Rules of conduct for police officers responding to such incidents have
long been established. Placing of a chemical, little of which is
scientifically known with regard to long term effects due to application
to sensitive human tissue, directly onto and into the eyes of such
dissidents is  cowardly, evil and must, in any nation professing to be
subject to the rule of law,  be illegal; and especially so when none are
offering any resistance!

With the advent of portable "pulse lasers" capable of blinding people;
American minorities and those who would act against societal insanity
and injustice will soon have to be willing to lose their sight for their
ideals. Fired from afar by "police officers" with no concept of duty,
nearby witnesses of the protests will be unable to identify the cowards
who so attacked the protesters.  Should such "police officers" be
discovered, they will rely on jurys formed by such as yourself to praise
them for listening to "orders".

Due to the existence of numerous "police officers" willing to use such
weaponry, your "masters",  Mark,  will then hope that all such
protesters, our planetary consciences, will lose sight of their ideals
and never again provide the balance of public dissent which now limits
the hope and greed of the bastards of our world! Wake Up Mark!

That is what America has to look forward to should the thugs who did
that foul deed be exonerated, bemedalled and promoted for that vile and
cowardly act.

Less than 150 years ago, friends and family of those so attacked would
have challenged the uniformed cowards to a duel. Others within the
constabulary would have insisted that the cowards among them face that
duel or leave town!

Now, everyone is one their own! And due to that sad situation, cowards
will always side with "the powers that be" regardless that every fibre
of their being will scream at that them that they intervene to prevent
the toture!

Woe be America!

It is but a few short years to suffering its own "politically missing
children" a la Argentina, Chile and all other countrys that allowed
their police to be trained at "The School Of The Americas"!   Wake Up

To a safer, saner world. To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne
Founder Co-ordinator
International Humanity House
To Duty

What is one’s duty,  when acknowledging a threat
That would destroy all beauty,
Even steal childrens’ breath?
Does therein lie evil in avoiding a way
That forces the matter, that builds to a day
When humanity shatters greed’s guilty ways?

Copyright. Daniel J. Lavigne, February 21/88
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It Guides His Passions, Leads His Heart And Lives Forever!
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