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That means I have to wait 3 years to join the association.  Maybe it
should be 2 years of post secondary education, rather than a degree.  I am
in a 5 year program at the University of New Brunswick.  Actually maybe it
is better this way, as the majority of problems will occur in the first
several years.

Brett Nodello

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On Tue, 4 Nov 1997, Joseph Zorzin wrote:

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> It is my personal opinion that the MAPF (Mass. Assoc. of Professional
> Foresters) has NOT fulfilled its potential role of leadership for our
> profession primarily due to the fact that it is dominated by state
> foresters who have a different agenda than we consultants. I strongly
> feel that we consultants and the state foresters have little in common
> and therefore we should have a seperate group either in addition to or
> in replacement of the MAPF.
> So I have initiated the Massachuesetts Assoc. of Online Consulting
> Foresters:
> 1. the group should avoid formalities to avoid becomming another
> bureaucracy, instead, the MAOCF should be a "virtual community"
> 2. the only requirement for membership is that the person has at minimum
> a degree from a 2 year forestry school and that he/she earns much if not
> most of his living as a forestry consultant AND that the person has an
> online presense
> 3. the primary purpose of the group is to fight for the betterment of
> all forestry consultants working in Massachusetts, just like any other
> "trade" organization- by pushing for a better forester licensing law
> which will necessitate licensed foresters managing all timber sales and
> preparing all Ch. 61 plans, group efforts at promoting forestry, etc.
> 4. we should avoid leadership roles since online communities function
> fine without formally declared leaders
> 5. all communication can be carried out online with NO meetings, instead
> we each have a list of email addresses of all other members and we send
> all messages to all other members, this should be an egalitarian group
> 6. no meetings, no fees, no obligations, no bullshit
> 7. for "real time",group discussions, there exists "internet chat"
> software with which a "meeting room" will exist 24 hours per day, so you
> can just drop in and chat
> Forestry consultants in Massachusttes have been chattering about this
> for decades. We now have the interet. It's time to act. The MAOCF now
> exists. Participate. Otherwise I'll get bored talking to myself. <G>
> Please forward this document to other online forestry consultants
> working in Massachusett or mail copies to foresters you know who are not
> online. Spread the word.
> Joe Zorzin
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