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Jostnix jostnix at aol.com
Tue Nov 4 19:49:32 EST 1997

>My idea is everyone who wants to write an essay having anything to do
>with forestry can write one and then we'll tack them all together as
>just that.. a collection of essays

Joe, I think all this is a great idea.  It tweeks my hidden desire to be a
teacher without kids...got too many already<just kidding Win, Stephanie,

> a few government people<

Thought us gument people warnt welcome to your exclusive, self proposed
organization...Maybe Im getting this mixed up with your other lame-brained
schem..err..great ideas<grin>

>Since I have spare web space and I know how to whip
>up a web I could put it all together. It wouldn't be part of my web
>page, although it would be on my server; so it might have a "home page"<

Cant beat this offer...

>I think most of us here are well into our careers. We really don't have
>much to learn from textbooks.<

Joe, Joe, Joe slow down a little..."your never too old to learn".  Old
dogs can learn new tricks and bears can be taught to dance.

> I like Steve Nix's forestry chat event on the weekend. At the last chat
>session I was half asleep so probably didn't make any sense and I
>thought you were Steve!<

The chat site is a sea of dead air...don't find anyone around off topic. 
I need some discussion committments or at least a time when you can count
on several being there.

You guys are letting me down on this one...except Nick, Thanks Nick!  I
think that Don may have been right that the technology is a bit advanced
for many on the net.

>A footnote- the basic idea is that this group effort will be a
>supplement to whatever else we may be doing- our other web page stuff-

Im dancing with too many bears already to be very reliable on this project...
but it has potentiallttttyyyyy.

Steve Nix

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"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
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