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Don Staples dstaples at
Wed Nov 5 23:20:23 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Jostnix wrote:
> > I dont think you two can pull in an audience.  And I will mail a Smokey
> > Bear packet to anyone coming to you first chat.  I don't think I have to
> > worry much.
> >
> I sometimes wonder if anyone on the planet could really attract any
> audience for our beloved forestry. <G>
> We may think it's the second most fascinating thing in the world but few
> others do, including most foresters.
> I'll try to make it on Sat. Last week I wasn't sure about the time and
> showed up late, so what time did you say? Nowadays, I gotta nap in the
> afternoon to be sharp in the evening.
> But yes, this is how Car Talk got started. Who'd have thought a couple
> of loud guys with Boston accents talking about carburators could get a
> national audience?

OK, to get the net started we should be on no later than 5:00 eastern,
should be about midnight in Europe, so could lose a few there.  I agree
with Steve, going to be a hard nut to crack to attract anymore than two
old bar flies and an Alabama Ramma Jamma.
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