Enviro's Hatch State Ballot Initiative to Ban Logging Practices

Nick Ananin visfor at globalnet.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 06:35:01 EST 1997

In principle I agree that we should minimise pollution. 
However the all out ban of clearfelling is not necessarilly the answer?
Perhaps implementing buffer zones along major riparian zones which are
managed in a different way (selective felling)? I don't think you would win
an argument that other poluters downstream are causing more of the

" Mark logs and milled lumber from the older trees,  giving consumers a
choice of boycott." Is there a problem with this. First extend it to
marking all home grown timber? Ultimately will consumers pay more for
sustainably managed timber? Get that implemented in Oregon as a first step.
Then harvest the old trees but not as a clearcut and get more money for the
"Ban using money from the state's general fund to pay for any direct or
indirect costs of timber operations on private lands." So how do the
environmentalists want to achieve sustainable timber supplies in Oregon?
You must fight this case carefully by ASKING for state funds to be used in
such a way to promote sustainable supplies. Could you compete with non
sustainable products?

Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland

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