The Debate

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Nov 7 04:31:28 EST 1997

Thomas Kellar wrote:

> The American Bamboo Society's latest journal has a rather depressing
> sounding article about how it is hard to compete with plastic bamboo poles
> and plastic baskets and plastic this and that.  And, in the author's
> opinion, how it is really unrealistic to try to compete with those
> products. Bamboo is renewable and even can compete with trees but it
> will never be able to compete with Shell Oil.

What amazes me is- why the hell does anyone want to buy plastic? This
was one of the core ideas of the hippy movement- don't buy plastic and
that our entire culture was plastic based, with plastic looking people
in their plastic houses. Hippies and other "cool" people don't buy
plastic. But America did a good job of wiping out those dirty pot
smoking pagans beginning with the presidency of Nixon, the most plastic
of all the plastic people. No wonder he is still worshiped by the likes
of Limbaugh and the Newt- who shortly after getting elected Speaker of
the House- one of the first things he talked about was how he was
finally going to finish off the counterculture. He must have been a frat
boy in the '60's. <G>

> Also in terms of renewable energy products, one can always talk about the
> competition from the large energy producers.  E.g., The highly polluting
> Carbon II Electrical plant on the USA/Mexican boarder developed with the
> help of NAFTA.  It all boils down to the governments giving tax breaks and
> assistance to large, mostly multi-national corporations.  If not directly,
> then indirectly by making policy decisions that favor the big companies.
> You will never be able to compete on a level playing field with the
> Peabody Coal Consortium.

Sure, this is why social program must be cut, to help the likes of
Peabody and the other megacorporations that now rule the world. I saw a
TV program recently that showed the very bad air pollution in Big Bend
National Park comming from Peabody. All so that the traitorous American
corporations that moved jobs to Mexico can have almost free

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