First The Debate: Now Communication

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Nov 7 04:17:16 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:

> You have touched on one of the greatest weaknesses of the forestry
> profession...communication.  Foresters need to be taught a little about PR
> and how to communicate.  Unfortunately, IMHO, this is not being taught in
> major forestry schools.

Foresters like all other people are also taught "keep your mouth shut"
and "don't rock the boat" when you have ideas counter to the
"leadership" or you might lose your job.

Only those of us who are self-employed can afford to be "loose cannons"
which I'm always accused of being in the so called enlightened state of
Massachusetts for saying in public what I say here. Free thinkers have
always been persecuted; especially in forestry, because it's a
profession on the financial low end of the professional scale- low pay,
little opportunity to speak up, bad leadership, no wonder we don't hear
from more people here in the "global village".

I'm sure there are many others who'd like to speak up but don't out of

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