Pepper Spray - No Big Deal...

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Nov 7 04:20:28 EST 1997

Kirk Johnson wrote:

> The other reality is that as I understand it, the protesters neither
> forced their way into the office, or threw sawdust at people.
> Characterizing them as an "assault group" and "ecoterrorists" is *patently
> absurd*. The stump and sawdust was laid on the floor to represent the
> forest that was being *deystroyed* in the name of greed, so that the
> reality of that fact could be underscored to the office workers, the
> entire company, law enforcement, the press, the world.

But unfortunatly, this symbolic meaning was lost. The cops thought the
office was being invaded by Rambo so they had to prove that they were
tougher than Rambo.

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