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Joseph Zorzin <redoak at forestmeister.com> wrote on Oct 28:

>agroforestry is not forestry

Perhaps not, but _some_ forestry is agroforestry, wouldn't you agree?  Planting
 ginseng seed amongst the sugar maples for a second crop would be an example. 
 So would growing shiitake mushrooms on oak slabs.  And growing willow biomass
 for energy production combines agriculture and forestry.  

>I'm also a Yankee Nor'easter. 

Umm...I had noticed that you do exhibit some of the properties of a Nor'easter

ForestFair had asked:

>>Is the idea to discourage participation by NIPFOs?

>What the heck is a NIPFO? <G>

In more common use is NIPF which stands for non-industrial private forest (or
 forest-owner).   I prefer NIPFO (non-industrial private forest OWNER) to
 acronyms that minimize the role of the property owner.  In a state like New
 York, where close to 65% of the state is forest, private landowners hold more
 than 8 of every 10 forest acres.  Those are the folks who make the final
 decision as to the quality of stewardship of their forests, and those are the
 people that need to be reached in NYS.  More important than reaching the pols,
 although that is also important.

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ForestFair at aol.com

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