First The Debate: Now Communication

Don Staples dstaples at
Fri Nov 7 11:19:20 EST 1997

Some of us may be missing the point.  The only way to get the "guvment"
and Social Association of Foresters into this conversation is to be one
of them.  

I am actively soliciting the state boys to contribute to this group, yet
I have not seen the first one.  Perhaps they are lurking to see what
sort of fools folley they are getting into.  Many do not want dialogue,
they don't want to change the status quo.  ACF uses e-mail like a public
platform, one strong reason I stay with them.  Not afraid to show their
faults to the members, nor to crow a little.

One of my stongest longest conversations with the state has been a 6
year dialogue about the leadership role in forestry in the state (make
that the Great State of Texas, yahoo).  No one stands forward and leads
the news media, except with special purpose items, no one stands forward
to the legislature as leadership, except when it comes to budget, and no
one wants to have all phases of foresters to gather and talk about
problems.  Part of this I can understand, there are some foresters who
cant  put two words together, and some who cannot talk below a shout and

As Pogo said, and I quote, "We have met the enemy, and he is us".
Don Staples
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